Digital Signage Retail – Best in Class Study 2014

Hamburg, 25th August 2014

pilot Screentime GmbH releases its first Digital Signage Retail Best in Class Study. With over 100 retail digital signage installations, pilot Screentime has benchmarked some of the most prestigious and prominent digital signage projects in the retail sector for the first time. The study reveals how the retail market is driving the digital signage business in 2014. “The retail sector is the most dynamic and innovative digital environment at the moment” says pilot Screentime, Managing Director, Damian Rodgett. “Dynamic in-store communication is no longer an expensive “nice to have” channel. It is becoming a highly valued and efficient marketing platform that allows marketers direct access to customers making purchasing decisions at POS and POI. This channel also allows us to supplement and enhance marketing and advertising messages in audio-visual ways that traditional channels, such as in-store promotions, have been unable to achieve in the past”. The executive summary of “Digital Signage Retail Installations – Best in Class 2014: Germany, UK & USA” can be found on Slideshare. For more details about smart digital screens at POS and POI please contact pilot Screentime GmbH in Hamburg.